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apply floor marking 

If you provide your floor with clear marking, you will experience immediate benefits. On this page, we explain in detail how you can apply floor marking.

Cleaner, 2 liters
Cleaner, 2 liters
Article number384-101-L72
Cleaner, 2 liters
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Choose the right floor tape for the application, clean the floor and stick the tape on the pictogram.

Apply floor marking

Apply floor marking tape


It is important that the floor is delivered as clean and dry as possible before installation. 

1. icon1Remove all old adhesive tape and/or peeling paint completely from the floor surface.

2. icon2Clean floor surfaces with a cleaning agent without chlorine or citrus extracts. Chlorine tends to leave a haze on the floor which makes sticking less effective. Citrus cleaners can leave an oily residue that makes adhesion impossible.


3. icon3If you need to use a degreaser on the floor, remove/wash the degreaser prior to applying the DuraStripe floor markings.

icon44. Allow floor surfaces to dry completely and wait at least 30 minutes before applying DuraStripe.


icon55. Once the floor has dried properly, you can apply the pictograms or rolls.




DuraStripe is installed most efficiently and accurately with a two-man installation team.

icon61. Remove 30 cm of the protective layer from the end of the DuraStripe roll.

icon72. Align the roll of floor markings in the direction planned for the application of the striping and firmly press the exposed part of the adhesive layer onto the floor.

icon83. While employee one continues to apply pressure to the lines stuck to the floor, employee two unrolls the lines to the desired length in the intended direction. While doing so, keep the lines off the floor and tension on the roll.

icon94. While the second worker maintains tension on the roll, the first worker releases more adhesive layer and presses it firmly against the floor in the desired direction and along the entire length.

icon105. To end a roll, simply cut the roll with scissors or a knife.


icon116. To make an angle, let two pieces overlap, with the bottom piece attached to the floor and the top piece as an overlap with the adhesive layer still covered.

icon127. Complete the corner by cutting through both pieces from the inside corner to the outside corner and discarding the cut ends of both stripes. The resulting corner pieces will be perfectly aligned.


icon138. To increase the life span and adhesive strength of DuraStripe products, it is recommended that a heavy product such as a forklift or reach truck be driven along the entire length of the floor markings, waiting several hours before loading the lines and pictograms.

Floor surfaces with cracks or holes can reduce the lifespan of the flooring. In busy areas, where pallets scrape the ground or pump trucks drive around, we recommend cutting the line every 5 metres.

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