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squaretube carts

Experience efficient and effective material handling solutions with our solid Squaretube carts. These Squaretube carts are constructed with steel and robust tubes, which can easily withstand a heavy impact. By adding the most innovative components such as driven wheels, battery packs, fork pockets or coupling arms, we create a solution that optimises your internal processes and makes you ready for future changes.

View some Squaretube applications directly or click "read more" below to read more about our Squaretube system.

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Shelf cart
shelf cart
Shelf cart
Pick cart
pick cart
Pick cart
Pallet cart
pallet cart
Pallet cart
EPT picking cart
ept picking cart
EPT picking cart
Platform cart
platform cart
Platform cart
Beagle 360-drive
beagle 360drive
Beagle 360-drive

squaretube solutions

Squaretube solutions are ideal for moving heavy loads easily by hand and/or with tuggers. Tubes, mounting plates, spring-loaded wheels, push bars and coupling arms form the basis of the system. The basis of your material handling!

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The foundations of the Squaretube system are modular and robust. The base of the system consists of robust steel tubes measuring 80 x 80 mm. In this way, it can easily withstand a heavy impact. By adding functional components such as coupling arms, hooks and push bars, we create a solution that optimises your internal transport.

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Modulair koker systeem

Tubes and mounting plates

The base consists of a robust 80x80 mm square steel tube. The mounting plates are 4 mm thick. The tubes and plates are laser-cut and given a 2-layer semi-gloss powder coating.

Coupling arm

Coupling arms & hooks

We can provide every Squaretube cart with a powerful coupling arm so that you can easily transport several carts in a row. This coupling arm is equipped with damping and magnetic holders, which ensures a safe coupling between transport carts.

Push bars

Push bars

By providing a Squaretube cart with a push bar, each trolley can be moved manually. This manual operation will therefore be very easy and ergonomic.

Fork pockets

Fork pockets

When you need to move heavy and bulky products over a long distance, fork pockets are a good solution for transporting your picking cart. The fork pockets are mounted under the picking cart so that safe transport with an EPT truck is guaranteed.


Our Squaretube carts are fitted with the best and most high-quality wheels that effortlessly absorb any unevenness in the floor.

With these wheels, you are assured of :
 Low starting and rolling resistance
 Low-noise running 
 Track accuracy up to 20mk/h
 Reduced maintenance costs 

Wheels with suspension


Hybrid solutions

This is due to the strong undercarriage where steel tubes form the foundation and the modular top frame of stainless steel tubes and tube connectors. This ensures that we can easily adapt these logistic carts to your situation. 

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With our modular systems, Multitube and Squaretube, we offer a solution to every problem. Depending on load-bearing capacity and application, a well-considered choice is made as to which system is most suitable. The choice can also be made to integrate both systems into a hybrid solution. In this way, a solution is created that contains the best of both systems and with which you are ready for future changes. 

Multitube vs Squaretube

Pick cart


By adding intelligent systems such as pick-to-light and put-to-light, you can significantly improve your order picking process. The displays tell you where to place or pick your products. This is possible from just 1 up to 40 orders at a time. When you want to transport multiple and/or heavier products at once, our driven wheels offer a solution for the order picker. By adding these wheels, you can move up to 600 kg with just one finger. When you need to work longer or more shifts, we provide your order picker with the right battery pack, tailored to your process.

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