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squaretube ept picking cart

Do your employees often have to order many and heavy products and move them over long distances? Then the EPT picking carts developed with the Squaretube system are the solution! These carts are equipped with fork pockets so they can be moved safely with an EPT or forklift truck. In this way, employees can pick and transport orders in an ergonomic and efficient manner.

picking carts for ept trucks

EPT trucks are essential in your warehouse. With the stable and powerful Squaretube carts, we make it possible for you to lift and move these carts with an EPT or forklift truck. Stacking products on europallets or cheap alternatives is a thing of the past. The Squaretube carts increase both the ergonomics of employees and the productivity of your total order picking process.

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ept picking carts suitable for 

pedestrian and stand-on

Multitube's EPT picking carts are power-saving and ergonomic aids in your logistics process. These trolleys are suitable for both pedestrian and stand-on electric pallet trucks. High EPT picking carts are fitted with fork pockets and various magnets. These components ensure that safe transport is possible. Because of the vertical handles, the EPT picktrucks are also suitable for manual use. The ergonomic handles ensure that hands are not damaged in narrow spaces.

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EPT picking carts adapted to your process

By combining our two modular systems, we are able to easily deliver customised solutions that fit your logistics process. Besides standard fork pockets, shelves and handles, we can also equip the EPT picking carts with other accessories. In this way, we create a customised solution that fits your picking process.

Accessories we can add to your EPT picking cart:
 Roller tracks
 Shelf boards
 Label holders

CHARACTERISTICS OF squaretube ept picking carts


High-quality suspension wheels

The integrated suspension absorbs any unevenness in the floor, allowing the carts to move silently through the warehouse.



By mounting fork pockets under the carts, they can be lifted easily and efficiently with an EPT truck, reducing the effort and time needed to move a cart.


Krachtige magneten

When required, the carts can be equipped with powerful magnets in addition to fork pockets. These magnets provide attraction, which makes safe transport possible.

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