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Are you looking for a solution to move products in your warehouse safely and efficiently? Then a warehouse trolley is a useful tool. In Multitube's assortment you will find a wide range of warehouse trolleys in different types and sizes. Is the desired design not included? Then it is good to know that you can expand your warehouse trolleys with accessories or have a complete custom design. Make an appointment to discuss the possibilities. 
Picking trolley
picking trolley
Picking trolley
Sheet material trolley
sheet material trolley
Sheet material trolley
Shelf trolley
shelf trolley
Shelf trolley
Mobile tool board
mobile tool board
Mobile tool board
Support arm trolley
support arm trolley
Support arm trolley


Warehouse trolleys serve various purposes, such as picking orders and moving products and parts. Which type of warehouse trolley you need depends very much on which products or goods you are going to transport. Do you need to transport heavier goods? Then take a look at our range of Squaretube carts.

Our most common warehouse trolleys are order pick trolleys and tool trolleys. Want to know more about the various options? Below, we explain the warehouse trolleys from our range in more detail.

Order picking trolleys

Do you want to optimise your warehouse for the logistics process? Then an picking trolley is a smart solution. An picking trolley  is ideal for picking piece goods and semi-manufactured goods in your warehouse. Due to the low rolling resistance of the wheels, our picking trolleys are very easy to move through your warehouse.

Sheet material trolley

Sheet material trolleys are ideal for transporting glass, plastic, wood and other sheet materials. By storing these materials upright, you can make the most efficient use of your warehouse equipment. The sheet trolleys can also be fitted with specific product protection. Choose from our standard models or contact us for customised options.

Shelf trolleys

The shelf trolley is an indispensable part of your warehouse equipment. The trolleys are fitted with shelves and an adjustable push bar. The wheels have a very low rolling resistance, so that you can easily move products through your warehouse. Have the shelved trolleys fully customised to transport your own products.

Mobile tool boards

Another solution for your warehouse equipment is the mobile tool board. With this trolley you always have your tools at hand. You can easily move the panel trolley to another place in the warehouse. This way, you don't have to carry heavy tools all the time. Moving it once is sufficient. A panel trolley is almost always equipped with a tool board.

Choose one of our standard options, expand with accessories or go for full customisation.

Support arm trolley

Support arm trolleys are used to move products and parts through the warehouse or factory hall. The arms can be fitted with anti-slip and protective materials, so that your goods remain protected while being moved. Have the trolley fully customised or order one of the standard models!

Customised warehouse trolleys?

In our webshop you will find all our standard warehouse trolleys. These can be expanded with various accessories such as monitor arms, tool walls, barcode scanners and much more. In addition, they are fully customisable, so that they fit in with your wishes and needs. Make an appointment for more information about the expansion and customisation possibilities. We are happy to look together at the best warehouse solutions for your situation.


In Multitube's range, you can always find a solution for your warehouse layout. Our warehouse trolleys can be fully customised. Order our standard carts directly online, or schedule an appointment to discuss the possibilities for customised work.

In doubt about what you need or would you like some advice? We are happy to think along with you, without any obligation. Together, we will ensure that you have the right solutions for your warehouse.


Warehouse trolleys

Warehouse picking trolley

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