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Are you looking for one or more workbenches for your warehouse? At Multitube you will find a wide range of quality workbenches in different shapes and sizes. Is the desired work table not listed for you? Then it is good to know that we can also provide you with custom-made solutions. Please contact us or make an appointment!

Large workbench
large workbench
Large workbench
Computer workstation
computer workstation
Computer workstation
Height adjustable workbench
height adjustable workbench
Height adjustable workbench
Workbench accessories
workbench accessories
Workbench accessories
Workbench self-assembly
workbench selfassembly
Workbench self-assembly

assortment workbenches

On this page you will find an overview of the different variants of work tables from Multitube. Simple assembly benches, large workbenches, adjustable workbenches or custom-made workbenches. In our assortment you will always find a suitable workbench for your situation. From standard workbenches to custom workbenches and from mobile or standing. Both our standard and custom workbenches are built with our modular tube system and distinguish themselves in flexibility with unprecedented possibilities.

Modular workbench concept

Whether you choose a standard or custom table, all of Multitube's workbenche are configured from a wide range of modular components. Due to the modular principle, the workbenches can be expanded at any time and thus adapted to your own wishes and needs. The tables can be fitted with a large number of accessories such as tool walls, lighting, wheels and monitor arms. In this way, a total solution is created that meets all your wishes and requirements.

Why choose a Multitube work table?

 Quality - We work only with the most suitable materials that meet all your logistical and ergonomic needs.
 Service - We offer expert advice, a fully customized 3D design and ensure fast delivery.
 Customization - Personal wishes and requirements are our focus. We deliver a customized product that perfectly meets your needs.

Complete furnishing of your warehouse

In addition to a standard or custom-made workbench, we can also provide your warehouse or factory with a complete set of equipment, ranging from workbenches and warehouse racks to warehouse trolleys. Curious what that looks like? Take a look at our photos on customer location. Our experienced advisors and engineers would like to discuss with you how to set up your warehouse efficiently and optimally. Please feel free to contact us.

various workbenches

Assembly bench

Do you want to buy a simple workbench? Then an workstation is a good option. This table is simple in its construction, suitable for various purposes (such as assembly and mounting) and available in various designs, depths, widths and heights. So whether you are looking for a low and wide table or a high and narrow table, you will find it all at Multitube. The assembly table is available in 5 different basic versions, so you can choose from a workbench: which is flat, with tool wall, with wall and lighting, with shelf surface and shelf behind surface. In our opinion, the ideal basic equipment for fine working.

Large workbench

Is it important to you to have a lot of space on your workbench? Then an extra large workbench is a good option. This type of workbench is available with a worktop width from 1700 mm to 3000 mm and with a worktop depth from 400 mm to 1400 mm, and various intermediate sizes. These large worktables can also be equipped with a desired superstructure.

Computer table 

Computers are no longer unthinkable in your warehouse or workplace. Multitube's computer tables ensure that computers are always within easy reach of personnel. For example, the computer tables can be equipped with powered casters, tool boards, drawer systems and much more. Order a basic computer table or ask about customization options.

Adjustable workbench

Working ergonomically has been a topic among office workers for years. It is just as important for workers in warehouses and factories. Multitube has a wide range of height adjustable workbenches for your warehouse or production hall. The height of the adjustable workbench can be adjusted either manually or electrically. This ensures that you can always adopt the correct working posture. The bases are constructed with stainless steel feet and crossbars and are standard equipped with an adjustable foot which makes them extremely stable. The worktops are made of high quality concrete plywood which, in combination with the frame, can carry up to 300 kg! View the range of adjustable worktables or make an appointment for adjustable worktables.

Workbench accessoires

A professional workbench is the basis for a pleasant working environment. With the right accessories, you make sure that your workbench is adapted to your work. Do you often need electrical equipment? Then have a multiple socket built into your workbench. Do you also like to be able to sit at your workbench? Then an ergonomic sit/stand chair is a fine addition to your workbench. Do you think extra storage space is important? Then choose extra shelves, dividers, tool boards or drawers. Easily create your own workstation that meets all your requirements with Multitube's modular accessories. In our accessories category you will find all our workbench accessories to attach to your workbench yourself.

custom-made workbench

Every organization is different and has to deal with its own needs and requirements. Thanks to our extensive experience and creativity, we are able to design a customized workbench that meets all your needs and requirements. In this way, we can furnish every workplace optimally and we will always find a suitable solution for your situation. Compose your own custom workbench or make an appointment for free advice.

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